Nightmare #31 – The Bloody Sprite

(Female, early 20’s) So this isn’t so much a whole nightmare as it is just a creepy image. I don’t even really remember being too scared by it at the time.

My boyfriend and I were planning a trip to the hot springs in Japan and before we left we had to stop at the store for a couple things for our baby daughter. So I’m at this brightly lit baby store and I see this baby – I don’t really know how I knew he was a boy but I also knew that he was Brazilian for some reason – and maybe he was more of a toddler because he could walk. Actually he could run and hide too, both pretty well. For some reason, my friends and I were supposed to find him and catch him and he kept eluding us. All pretty normal so far.

Except this baby is running around in his diaper and he’s holding a zip-loc storage bag filled with his own internal organs. They’re all bloody and pulsating and since they’re in this clear plastic bag, you can see everything. Which is pretty creepy, right? but the point of the dream was that we were supposed to catch him so we didn’t really notice his misplaced organs. Weird, isn’t it?

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