Nightmare #38 – A Grim Mechanical Reaper

(Male) I was inside a mall, a nice mall with lots of internal features and I headed toward an elevator, a round glass elevator. When I got out of the elevator, I was in a very dark field with very tall grass swaying in the wind. Somehow I knew that this grass was supposed to have been cut a long time ago but that the reaping machines had run amok and were terrorizing the area. It was dangerous to be out in this area alone after dark because the reaping machines could cut humans down too. I walked along a dirt road and saw an old abandoned harrow rusting away in the grass. I didn’t look very dangerous. Then all of a sudden a huge reaping machine thundered up on me. It was the size of a barn, made of wood too and it had these long, arcing blades that it worked like fingers. I have no idea how it was able to move since it was so large. The timbers were probably 12 inches by 12 inches. It came to me that there would be only one way I could defeat this thing and that would be with fire. I knew this plan had great danger too because I could set the whole field on fire as well. At that moment, I realized that I had a flaming torch that I was carrying with me for light. When the reaping machine made it’s next pass, I tried to ignite it with the torch but I fell to the ground instead. When I landed, I woke up.

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