Nightmare #173 – Scheming Aliens and a Giant Monster

(Male, 30’s) I’m embarrassed to tell you this one because it’s so over the top grade-B horror movie but in this dream the Earth had been visited by aliens. Nothing scary at all about the aliens. They were were about three feet tall, greenish, humanoid and wore these big oval hats. They were like the perfect 1950’s era alien. These aliens were very friendly. They’d watched our TV and listened to our radio for decades and instead of talking to presidents and prime ministers they just wanted to be on Oprah. And they were. The aliens were the talk of the town all around the world. They were on the front cover of People Magazine, even though of course they weren’t “people” at all in the strictest sense. Everyone loved ’em.

But of course that was all a diversion. While everyone was paying attention to what nightclub the aliens preferred, there were other aliens who were assembling a giant monster. Each one of the fleet of alien spaceships had carried a different part of this huge monster. Evidently I was the only person to discover this fact. When the dream got scary, I was about 20 feet from one of their space ships. It was a classic “flying saucer” shape, by the way, metallic silver. I don’t know what I was doing there, probably trying to get an autograph or something stupid. There was a large gangway extending out from the saucer. One of the alien started walking very slowly down the gangway. It was leading something on a tether. Gradually more and more of the thing was revealed. It was an immense hand that was “walking” by its fingers dragging its palm and wrist behind it. The hand was shaggy, covered with some kind of dark greenish-brown fur — it might have been moss. Their plan became clear to me. The aliens were going to assemble this monster, maybe breed a whole army of them and take over the world. I had to warn someone but I was standing just a little way from the spaceship, there was an alien standing right there looking straight at me and it had with it the power to crush me utterly.

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