Nightmare #248 – Bumper Tag

“…We weren’t playing anymore…”

(Male) Strange dream. I actually woke up from it in the middle of the night with my heart pounding like I’d been running.

I was on a normal street that was covered with snow. There were piles of snow up to my hip. I don’t know if they were snow drifts or piles caused by shoveling but I was standing in one of these piles, like I had tried to climb up and it wasn’t strong enough to support my weight. I was a little out of breath because I was playing tag… with a car! It was a blue Corvette, a deep, slightly metallic blue with a sun roof and the sun roof was open. It might have been slightly smaller than full size but not much. And I was playing tag with the car because there was no one inside it. Its engine rumbled with a horrible growl but it was all in good fun. It would roll up to me and just touch my leg with its bumper and then it would race off. And I’d catch up with it somehow and touch it. Then I got away from the car by running between some trees where the Corvette couldn’t fit. And to taunt it, I scooped up an armful of snow and poured it in through the sun roof.

And off of a sudden, things got serious. I guess I’d ruined the upholstery or something. The engine went wild, a growl like a wild animal. The car started hammering itself against these small trees trying to flush me out like I was prey. We weren’t playing anymore. The car was going to run me down if it could. The trees splintered. The car pulled back for another run. This time I was sure it would crush me.

I darted out from among the trees. And I was on the street where I grew up. It was a cold grey afternoon and there was no one around. I knew I didn’t have the key to the house where I grew up. I could hear the car racing toward me. I ran and leapt over a chain link fence in a neighbor’s yard. But I heard the car coming for me. So I kept running and hopping over the fences as fast as I could. I woke up as I was swinging my legs over one last fence.

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