Artwork – Mansion of Death

…notice how the house actually BLEEDS…

I wish I could take credit for this exuberant depiction of a scary house but my son was the artist responsible. I found it while sorting through a box of his grade school belongings. A couple of the details particularly delight me: notice how the house actually BLEEDS, like it is suffered from the blows of the lightning. The other detail is probably too small to notice on this reproduction but despite how terrifying this mansion is supposed to be, my son drew a door bell, just in case you might want to stop in and say hi. The piece also is a glorious “mixed media” of both crayon AND colored magic marker. The tombstones that dot the front yard also have inscriptions on them, those they’re just scribbles. In fact, they look a bit like smiley faces.

I don’t get the sense that this is a depiction of something the boy was afraid of. I think he’s trying to scare us.

I would LOVE to see more examples of scary children’s art if any reader out there has some to contribute. I’d be willing to bribe too. I’m just about out of the “Scary Clown” jumbo postcards but I am getting another creepy goody soon.

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