Nightmare #255 – The Hungry Ghost

“…My Mom was there which also was strange because she’s dead…”

(Male) I was in my Mom’s house, that is the house I grew up in even though I haven’t even seen that place in years. There was a strange number of people there, coming and going. My Mom was there which also was strange because she’s dead. She was wearing a long white nightgown with ruffles at the neck and sleeves, which was not the kind of thing she’d wear.

I was hungry so I looked in the fridge and found two pieces of leftover steak in plastic bags. They were beautifully cooked, high quality steaks by the way, very tender and medium rare, the way I like them. I took them out of the fridge and started to eat.

Then my Mom starts wailing and moaning about how hungry she is. She asks me if I took something out of the fridge. I didn’t answer. I didn’t want to share with her which I know is a particularly horrible thing to do to your own mom. I retreated upstairs since I knew she was weak and couldn’t climb the stairs.

But she stayed at the bottom of the steps, wailing in pain and hunger while I ate this really good leftover steak. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I remember thinking in the dream “It doesn’t matter what she thinks because in a couple months she’ll be dead.”

I woke up simply horrified by how monstrous I’d been. It wasn’t until later on in the day that I thought that in the dream, maybe my Mom was a ghost – she was certainly dressed like one. And she was starving.

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