Nightmare #263 – Gardener’s Terror

“… there were already things growing there…”

(Female) This is pretty mild-mannered compared to some of what you have on your site but it was quite a shock for me. I am an avid gardener and I took advantage of some really nice days this week to get a head start on getting my yard ready for spring.

But in the nightmare, I started my typical garden tour, strolling through down the paths and observing the beds. For the most part they were still tucked under the mulch I’d placed last fall. It was chilly and a bit overcast. Grey.

But then I reached the bed near the back fence of the lot. This was the area that I had in fact spent a long time on during the week. But in the nightmare, there were already things growing there. Weeds. Towering weeds. Ones I couldn’t identify, which I found particularly galling for some reason. There was a mass of growth easily 13 feet tall that was so dense I couldn’t see my fence.

I felt lost in my own backyard.

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