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Even Creepier Baby Dolls

If you consider “maternal” and “scary” to be closely related concepts, you should check out fine artisanship of BeanShanine on her site The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery. BeanShanine takes the already creepy concept of reborn babies — life-like dolls that … Continue reading

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Movies: “Of Dolls and Murder”

Dolls are creepy. Dollhouses are creepy. And when dollhouses are the setting for crime scene re-creations – correction, MURDER scene re-creations, well, that’s creepy-delicious. To add the perfect touch, the narrator is John Waters. (No, he’s NOT the ex-singer for … Continue reading

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Nightmare #80 – Doll of Death

…It was a doll that somehow represented death. Maybe it actually was death… Continue reading

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